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The internet is the best place to head to if you want to start a business. There’s no end of ideas you can find here. One such brilliant business model of 2020 is drop servicing. It’s perhaps the easiest business to start because it does not involve needing to have the requisite know-how of the services you are selling.

Drop servicing business involves selling a service to a customer but finding someone else to do that work for you to sell it ahead. Drop servicing, as a business, has one of the lowest barriers to entry and allows you to make money by outsourcing the service to a freelancer.

There are many options you can decide to choose from to offer as your drop service. Blogging, guest posting, backlinking, graphic designing, and the top idea for drop servicing business of 2020, audio, and music.

Here’s everything you need to know about launching yourself into the niche of audio and music as your chosen drop service business.

Audio & Music as a Drop Service Business

Not many people know about the lucrative potential of the audio and music field as a drop servicing business. In fact, there is no doubt that the music industry is one of the most profitable niches worldwide. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at your favorite musician and find out how rich they are. At the same time, a person can get rich simply by creating musical hits and performing under glitzy spotlights and big stages. However, that’s not what you need to do for your drop service business model.

When we talk about choosing audio and music as a drop service niche, we mean selling services that revolve and focus on perfecting the art of music and creating audio services. For music lovers, the drop servicing niche of audio and music can be perfect.

Many people get confused about what kind of services to offer under the audio and music niche. Here’s a snapshot of some of the services you can provide when you choose the audio and music niche.

  • Sound effects
  • Voice over
  • Audio production
  • Live/location sound
  • Video game music production
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Dubbing
  • Music composition
  • Foley sound effects

If you do a bit of research on the niche, you will be able to find plenty of other services as well that you can offer under audio and music. Having a basic understanding of what sounds good can help, but if you are a music lover, then you are bound to already have a good idea about how this niche works and offer top quality work to your clients.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Audio & Music Business

Just like any other industry or niche you will select, there are pros and cons to finalizing the audio and music niche as well. Here are some of the benefits of choosing audio and music as a drop service niche:

  • Highly profitable: It’s not just a coincidence that musicians make a ton of money. The field of audio and music is a highly lucrative industry, and clients who you work with tend to have big budgets at their disposal. This translates to mean higher per project income for you.
  • Long-term association: In this field, you are likely to find clients who regularly need audio/music work done. And if they like your work, then you can rest assured that you will continue getting work because it becomes easier for clients also to interact with you once they have an understanding of the level of work you provide. However, keep in mind that this can only happen if you provide high-quality work.

Just as there are benefits, there could be some potential drawbacks as well in this niche. The most common disadvantage of picking this niche as a drop service business model is:

  • Strict deadlines: One of the biggest drawbacks to providing services in this niche is that you might have to meet string deadlines, especially if you are working on a project that deals with live concerts. This can prove to be hectic, and if you don’t have a reliable freelancer, you may end up losing out on projects and even have projects getting canceled, causing you to lose out on money.

Platforms for Outsourcing your Drop Service Business

If you have decided to go ahead with audio and music as your drop service niche, then the next step would be to find the right freelancer. In this niche, finding a qualified freelancer is very important because they need to be ready to work long hours creating and editing the audio file if required. Remember that the field of audio production usually involves an entire team of audio engineers, producers, directors, editors, musicians, and even singers and composers, and the final product that comes out will need to be approved by the entire team involved. This is why it is always best to search for a highly experienced freelancer. Here are some of the best freelancing platforms where you can find the right freelancer for your projects:

  1. Envato Studio: This is a freelance platform that is specifically designed for businesses who are in search of creative artists, developers, sound engineers, audio artists, etc. The platform has a huge pool of handpicked professionals who openly share their portfolio and rates for your review.
  • Fiverr Pro: A fast-growing freelancing platform, this freelance marketplace is where you can head to for scouting both global and local audio and music professionals. The good thing about this platform is that all freelancers have to undergo a meticulous background check to ensure that they will deliver high-quality service.
  • Upwork: No freelance platform list can be complete without the mention of Upwork. This cloud-based freelance platform provides you with specific tools to help shortlist your potential candidates and review their proposals and samples.

Summing Up

If you still have doubts about the profitability of this niche, just search on Google Trends for the term ‘music.’ You will find that there is an amazingly high search demand, and it is continuing to grow. This is an excellent indication of the potential earning you can make when you consider this top drop servicing idea for 2020.

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