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Blog Writing Services

Drop servicing refers to the novel concept of selling services online instead of products. While being very similar to drop shipping, which focuses on the online selling of physical products, drop servicing involves finding clients who need a service. A drop service business owner offers various services to clients. The twist here is that you do not have to do the work yourself. After picking up the work from a client, you further outsource this work to freelancers.

The amount between what you bill the client and what you pay the freelancer will be your profit. The concept of drop servicing can also be thought of as being similar to sub-contracting, except the beauty of drop servicing is that you can offer any service you want. Furthermore, there is no need to not consider a drop service that you do not understand because you are outsourcing this work to a freelancer who is an expert of that topic.

Nevertheless, it is always good to study what service is currently in demand so that you are able to churn out a nice profit from your drop service business. One of the evergreen drop servicing opportunities lies in the blogging niche. In fact, blog writing services also finds mention in being one of the top drop servicing ideas for 2020. Let us take a closer look at how to turn blogging into a drop service business and earn a profit from writing.

Blog Writing Service as a Drop Service Business

Blogging is today one of top drop servicing ideas for 2020. In fact, blogging, by itself, is also already a profitable online profession for many people, and they are earning in six to seven digits from their blog. What’s more, you don’t need to limit your drop servicing opportunities to only Blog Writing Services. The field of content writing in itself is so huge that a lot of people prefer to keep their services open-ended and offer various writing services.

The writing niche is one of the most in-demand services in the online marketplace today. There are thousands of websites published every day, and thousands more new online businesses who wish to grow their online presence, and they all need to have content written about their services or products to support their sales. All this has led to a sharp rise in demand for writing services. In fact, when you check on Google trends over the last five years, the search for ‘blog writing’ has seen a steady upward climb and continues to rise.

Some of the writing services, apart from blogging, that you can offer through your drop servicing business include:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Email copywriting
  • Product description writing
  • Proofreading
  • Website content writing
  • Ad writing

Pros and Cons of Choosing Blogging as a Drop Service Business

There has been a steady rise in social media and influencer culture around the world, and it may seem like blogging has today reached its peak. No longer is blogging limited to being a niche hobby. Almost everyone you meet today has a blog in some form or another. There are many reasons why you should be choosing blogging as your drop service niche, but there can be some disadvantages as well.

Let us look at some of the benefits of choosing blogging as a drop service business:

  • Cost-effective: It is not only easy to create a blog, but most blogging sites let you create a blog free of cost. There is no cost involved in creating the blog, and neither is there any charges for posting content. This means that any such costs will not be passed on to you by your freelancer.
  • Long-term Commitment: Professional Business-owned blogs, when managed well, will feature several new blogposts a month. If your client is satisfied with you work, then an initial project could potentially morph into a long-term relationship, rather than a one-time service. You can also easily transform your offerings into a retainer service, where you offer the client 5 to 6 blog posts per month for a pre-decided charge. This also saves you the hassle of having to find clients every month.

One of the key drawbacks of choosing blogging as a drop service niche may include:

  • Multiple revisions: If the client does not like the work provided by your freelancer, then it could involve multiple revisions, or sometimes the client might even request you to write the blog post again from scratch. To avoid this, it is always better to decide the number of revisions your freelancer will provide beforehand and communicate the same to your client.

Platforms for Outsourcing your Drop Service Business

There is no doubt that Blog Writing Services is one of the top drop servicing ideas for 2020. However, with an influx of websites offering blogging services, it becomes challenging to choose which website will be the best platform for you to find the ideal freelancer. Here are some of the best freelancing platforms of 2020 you can choose from to find the right freelancer for your work:

  • Fiverr: This popular freelancing platform is used by many small businesses to hire blog writers. This platform is known for its user-friendly interface and has a huge range of article and blogpost writing categories to find everything in one place itself. Be it short social media posts or long in-depth articles, Fiverr helps you find freelancers for every writing project.
  • UpWork: UpWork is one of the biggest freelance platforms in the world today, and you can find a wide range of writers on this website. UpWork offers various filters and skill requirements that can help you narrow down on a writer that fits your budget and has the necessary expertise. UpWork allows you to select a freelance writer on either a fixed price for the project or on an hourly rate. You can also find writers who are fluent in specific languages on UpWork.
  • Textbroker: Textbroker is one of the first freelance platforms that is dedicated strictly to writers and content creators. Textbroker is specially designed for drop businesses and others who require custom content. There are multiple price points you can opt for. The more experienced writers tend to charge more on textbroker. It is also possible to hire an individual writer or a team of writers for your project.
  • WriterAccess: Another freelance platform dedicated primarily for writers, is WriterAccess. This online marketplace is designed to help business owners find the right freelance writer. There are various pricing models on WriterAccess, and you can even choose to pay per word, or you can pay by the project as well.

Summing Up

Blogging can be a tremendous opportunity for you to grow your drop service business. The best thing about picking Blog Writing Services as your drop service niche is that it is reasonably easy to find writers to handle the work for you on various platforms, including Upwork, Textbroker, Fiverr, iWriter, and many others. Blogging is something you can start promoting immediately, and it is also easy to find clients for this top drop servicing idea for 2020.

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