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Social Media Management

Drop servicing has been growing in popularity in recent times and has become one of the primary sources of earning for many people around the world. You can think of drop servicing as being similar to sub-contracting. In this process, you pick up work from the client, but instead of doing it yourself, you outsource this work to those who are experts in this field of work. The difference in the amount you charge from the client and what you pay to the freelancers will be your profit. There are many services you can decide to drop service. From writing blogs to editing videos, to social media management – there are many options you can choose from. Today we take a look at how to set up a social media management as your drop service business.

Social Media Management as a Drop Service Business

Social media platforms have become a major way of marketing and promoting businesses today. Various social media management platforms help you manage your multiple social profiles from one place, schedule your posts in advance, track your analytics across the multiple platforms, and also run contests for your client. These social media tools have today become a game changer for your marketing and promotional strategy.

In the last few years, small businesses and big companies have both been registering their social media accounts to stay up-to-date with the growing industry trends. In today’s day and age, it is not possible for a business to make an impact and reach out to potential customers without having a strong social media presence.

Social media management is fast on its wait to becoming the top drop servicing idea of 2020. It involves the management of a company’s or person’s online presence on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., by creating, analyzing, and publishing content that you will post.

If you are considering starting your drop service business, then social media management is one of the best fields you can enter. Since most companies do not have the expertise of managing their own social media pages, it becomes easier for you to approach them to offer your services at an affordable price.

Some of the services you can think of offering under social media management include:

  • Twitter page management
  • Facebook page management
  • Instagram page management
  • LinkedIn page management

Pros and Cons of Choosing Social Media Management

Choosing social media management as a drop service niche offers several benefits and may have some drawbacks as well. You can either choose to manage just one social media platform, or you can also decide to bid for managing all the platforms. Of course, it also depends on the freelancer you outsource the work to and how much expertise they have on the platform.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing social media management as a drop service niche:

  • Cost-effective: It is easy to streamline all social media platforms with both free and paid tools. There is no cost involved in joining the social media networks, no charge for posting content, so these costs will not be passed on by your freelancer to you.
  • Long-term Commitment: Social media management usually turns out to be a long-term service that clients need, and most prefer to stick to one social media manager if they like your work. This lets you get long-term projects instead of having to search for clients again and again.

One of the key drawbacks of choosing social media management as a drop service niche may include:

  • Payment depends on performance: running various social media accounts also has to guarantee that your services are able to place the client’s business in the top when it comes to search engine results. This requires constant tracking and is a time-consuming job. If your freelancer does not constantly keep feeding content into the social media profiles, it is unlikely to bring success to the social media campaign they run. This is why you need to make sure that you find an expert freelancer who is able to devote time to your work.

This brings us to the importance of finding the right freelancer to outsource your work to.

Platforms for Outsourcing your Drop Service Business

If you decide to select social media management as your drop service niche, then the next step you have to consider is to find the right freelancer who can deliver good quality work. Here are some platforms where you can search for the right freelancer to outsource your social media management work:

UpworkUpwork is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces on the internet today, with over 12 million users on their platform. The website provides many expert freelancers who are working in the field of social media management. What sets apart Upwork from other sites is that you are able to filter freelancers by their Job Success Score, which allows you to select a top-performing expert for your project.

Hubstaff Talent: Another fast upcoming freelance platform for social media management is Hubstaff Talent. This digital marketplace does not require you to pay any kind of hidden fees or markups for hiring a freelancer and allows you to create a free profile to find the freelancing expert in the field of your choice. The platform is known for having one of the biggest collections of freelancers in the social media and digital marketing niche. This makes it very easy to source a freelance social media manager from Hubstaff Talent.

Fiverr: Fiverr, of course, is already well-known in the field of freelancing job recruitment. Fiverr also offers you the option of going for ‘Fiverr Pro,’ which puts you in touch with reputable, verified, and talented freelancers who will get the work done for you. Selecting a freelance social media manager who is listed under Fiverr Pro guarantees that you will be working with someone who already knows what has to be done when it comes to social media posts and marketing strategies.

Summing Up

Social media management can be a tremendous opportunity for you to grow your drop service business. It is usually a challenge for many companies these days to manage their own social media profiles, and identifying this niche can help you benefit from a rapidly growing and lucrative market nice. Furthermore, with so many businesses trying to launch and maintain their social media campaigns, you will be able to find clients quite easily and cash in on this top drop servicing idea of 2020.

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