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Drop servicing is a business model where you find clients who need certain services, and then you outsource those services to a third party freelancer. The drop servicing business model revolves around creating a team of people who are experts at doing certain jobs. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be an expert in that particular area of service. By outsourcing those services to freelancers who are already experts in that field of work, there is no need for you to be an expert in that field. Instead, you keep up with running the business smoothly so that your clients’ needs are met, and your freelancers also get paid.

If you are interested in starting a drop service business, then the first step you need to do is choose your niche. This means that you need to decide what services you want to offer to your client. You have the option of providing a wide variety of services, or you can simply choose to offer one specific service.

One of the top drop servicing ideas of 2020 is video creation and animation. Here’s everything you need to know about how to run a drop service business in video creation and animation.

Video Creation & Animation as a Drop Service Business

There has been a sharp rise in the popularity of animations and videos in recent years. This is why choosing video creation and animation can prove to be a very profitable drop service business niche.

Research by the Social Science Research Network, humans are visual creatures, and 65 percent of all humans are visual learners. Not only this, but the same study also found that around 90 percent of all information that gets transmitted to the brain is in a visual format.1 These impressive numbers are a clear indication that video creation and animation can be a profitable drop servicing business.

Here are some ideas that you can decide to offer under your video creation and animation drop servicing niche:

  • End to end video creation including editing
  • Video editing only
  • Animating a video
  • Visual effects creation
  • Whiteboard video creation
  • Spokesperson videos
  • Short video ads
  • Long video ads
  • Product photography
  • Flash animation
  • Storyboard creation
  • Compositing creation
  • 3D modeling
  • Texture creation

There are many more ideas that you can consider adding to your service offerings under this top drop servicing niche of 2020.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Video Creation & Animation

Choosing video creation and animation can prove to be a dream drop servicing niche because of the huge range of services and sub-services you can offer. At the same time, choosing video creation and animation as a drop service niche has many benefits and some drawbacks as well.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing video creation and animation as a drop service niche:

  • Long-term Commitment: Video creation and animation has the potential to turn into a long-term service that clients need. There is a lot of potential in video works and if a client likes the work you provide, then they will prefer to stick to one video creation agency. This provides you the option of getting long-term projects instead of having to search for clients again and again.
  • Better Pay: Video creation and animation works tend to pay a good price per project. This allows you to earn more per project as compared to what you can make from working in other drop servicing niche.

One of the key drawbacks of choosing video creation and animation as a drop service niche may include:

  • Repeated Revisions: Any creative field of work may involve having to do multiple revisions of the work until the client is satisfied with the work. The same holds true for the field of video creation and animation. If the client does not like the video created or needs some things tweaked, then you will have to keep getting the changes made. To avoid this, it is better to put everything in writing with the client and your freelancer so that everyone involved is aware of the number of revisions you will provide.

Platforms for Outsourcing your Drop Service Business

If you decide to select video creation and animation as your drop service niche, then the next step you have to consider is to find the right freelancer who can not only deliver good quality work. It is important to find the right freelancer who has the expertise and knows how to do a good job when making your video. Here are some platforms where you can search for the right freelancer to outsource your website development work:

  1. ProductionHUB: Founded in 1999, ProductionHUB is one of the leading freelance job sites for all media-related work online. In fact, there are many major television networks and studios also who outsource their work to freelancers on this platform. The basic membership charges at ProductionHUB start from $4.99 per month, and depending on your requirements, can go up to $119 per month. You can find full-time and part-time freelancers on the platform, according to your needs for the project.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance job platforms today. You can easily hire some of the best and most experienced video editors after looking at their profile and skills. There are hundreds of freelance video editors and animators on Fiverr who are promoting their individual set of skills. You can also find freelancers offering video creation and animation services at a different price range, allowing you to choose a price that suits your budget.
  • Viedit: If you are in search of a video editor, then Viedit is the platform to head to. You can easily get video creators, editors, and animators on this platform and with the skillset that you need for the project. This site also offers you freelancers who quote different price ranges so you can choose one that fits your budget.

Summing Up

Video creation and animation has emerged as being one of the top drop servicing trends for 2020 and it can be a tremendous opportunity for you to grow your drop service business. There are many platforms online where you can find expert freelancers who would be willing to take on your projects. Remember, you are only as good as the work your freelancer does for you – so it is always recommended that you choose a freelancer who has experience in the field and has got good feedback in their earlier projects.


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