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Website Development

The Website Development as a Drop Service Business Model has emerged as one of the top profitable work options today. Drop servicing can be thought of as being sub-contracting for the online world. You pick up a project from a client, but instead of doing it yourself, you outsource it further to a third party freelance who will finish the project for you. The difference in the amount you charge from the client, and you pay to your freelancer, will be the profit you earn.

This is an extremely easy model of work due to which there are more and more people signing up to do drop servicing in various fields. There are many great ideas to launch your drop servicing business immediately and begin clients. From blogging to digital marketing to graphic design, there are many such wonderful niches you can choose from. One of the top drop servicing ideas of 2020 is website development.

Website Development as a Drop Service Business

Website development involves building, creating, and maintaining of websites. The niche of website development may also include aspects such as:

  • Website publishing
  • Website designing
  • Web programming
  • Database management

You may choose to offer just website development, or you can also offer the other aspects of web development to the client. If you want to venture into website development, then you need to find a freelancer who is adept at designing website interfaces and is also able to create several types of web content.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Website Development

Choosing website development as a drop service niche has many benefits and some drawbacks as well. The services you offer through your website development business depends mostly on the expertise of your freelancer. You should typically look for someone who is able to build a website in a program such as Dreamweaver, is able to hand-code web pages in any text editor, and is also able to update blogs through any blogging websites.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing website development as a drop service niche:

  • Long-term Work: A client who gives you the work for their website is likely going to keep coming back to you for updates required on the website from time to time. Furthermore, managing a website can be a full time job, which many businesses today prefer to outsource to one person itself. This can ensure that you keep getting work from the same client base for a longer time.
  • High Margins: Website development is a complex process; customers looking launch or expand their online business, often have a clear vision for what they are looking for, but little tech savvy to handle the component pieces and manage the process necessary to make that vision a reality. Handling a developer or even a team of developers can be a painstaking process, which most customers would pay extra to avoid. This creates a massive opening for dropservicing entrepreneurs to provide this service, and manage web development on behalf of these online businesses.

One of the key drawbacks of choosing website development as a drop service niche may include:

  • Back and forth revisions: There is no guarantee that the client will like the very first website design your freelancer has created. In such cases, you might have to do several revisions and go back and forth with the client on what the final site should look like. This might cause delays in the project, with the client often requesting to start the work from scratch again. To avoid these incidences, it is always better to have clear and well-defined terms of revisions and how many changes you will provide with both your client and freelancer. This avoids any sort of confusions in the future once the project is running.

Platforms for Outsourcing your Drop Service Business

If you decide to select website development as your drop service niche, then the next step you have to consider is to find the right freelancer who can not only deliver good quality work, but also has the technical know-how required to create and manage websites. Here are some platforms where you can search for the right freelancer to outsource your website development work:

  1. FiverrIsraeli tech superstar Fiverr has built an online freelancer marketplace, where services like web development are packaged as pre-defined and pre-priced services. For drop servicing business entrepreneurs, this makes it far easier to create a stable selection of services with given prices and well-known margins, to base their financial projections on.
  • Upwork: Upwork has also emerged as a top option for finding a huge range of freelance website designers, developers, and programmers for various industries. It is not only one of the biggest freelancer job sites, but it is also one of the most popular sites today, with millions of jobs being posted every year. You can use a premium membership option of Upwork to find a website developer as per the requirement of your project. There is also an option of taking a free basic subscription to find a web developer. One of the strongest selling points of Upwork is that they have high effectiveness of results. This means that if you want to search for web developers, you will not be disappointed in the results you get on Upwork. In fact, Upwork even classifies various freelancers as per their expertise level, making it easier for you to choose who you want to hire.
  • PeoplePerHour: Another freelance job site that specializes in freelance website developers and programmers is PeoplePerHour. Though it is a relatively new entrant to the freelance market, it has already built an excellent reputation amongst businesses. Freelancers on this platform have known to deliver high-quality work. You can search for freelance website developers or programmers after creating your profile for free on the platform.
  • Workana: If you are interested in finding someone to handle website development projects, then Workana is the right place to search. The freelance job site Workana specializes in technical and design fields. One good thing about Workana is that they offer an escrow service so that you know your money is safe and your freelancer will only get paid once your work has been completed satisfactorily.

Summing Up

Website development is one of the top drop servicing trends for 2020 and it can be a tremendous opportunity for you to grow your drop service business. There are many platforms available today that can help you connect with talented freelancers who are experts in this field of work. So all you need to do is set up your drop service business today and start getting clients. The best part is that there is no investment involved to begin your drop service business today.

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